CERF Droughts South of Angola - 5th sitrep as of 13 August 2016

Aug 23, 2016

Southern Angola has been affected by recurrent droughts since 2013. In late 2015, 1.4m people in 7 provinces were affected by El Niño. About 78% live in three provinces of southern Angola, namely Cunene, Huila and Namibe. Agricultural and livestock losses were estimated to be about $242.5m in 2015 and 360.000 head of livestock have died during this period. This year, the National Institute of Cereals in the Ministry of Agriculture estimates a national production deficit of In May-June 2016, FAO had assessed that 1 million people are still affected; and 400,000 are in need of food and in-kind assistance in the coming months.

UN agencies and NGOs are working closely with the Government of Angola to address the situation. From March to May 2016, World Vision International (WVi) conducted a SMART assessment of nutrition status of children under the age of 5 in Cunene and Huila provinces. From May to June, FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) jointly assessed the needs in terms of food, seeds, veterinary treatment and livestock vaccines.

The civil protection department of Cunene is also carrying out a need assessment on nutrition and food security in the six municipalities with UNICEF support.

Multiple national and international NGOs and the Red Cross have developed emergency programmes to respond to multi-sector rural community needs in the three provinces.

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