First SitRep prepared by the coordinator of the CERF funded initiative to mitigate the food security and nutritional emergency in the south of Angola

Apr 19, 2016

UN and NGOs are working with the Government of Angola to address the situation and complete further assessments. World Vision is assessing the nutrition status of children under five in Cunene and Huila provinces. UNICEF is assessing water points and water availability together with the Provincial Directorates of Water and FAO is working jointly to the Food Security Directorate to assess basket food prices, access and availability, and pest/livestock outbreaks. 

The UN has established a Drought Emergency Team, as strategic mechanism seeking for coordinated actions, synergies between UN and NGOs interventions and optimization of efforts. UNDP is supporting the Civil Protection efforts to concretize provincial contingency plans and resilience contingency plans.

At provincial level, two provincial emergency committees are in place with similar focus and involving provincial government directorates, Civil Protection and NGOs. An interprovincial committee is foreseen to be established in the next two weeks.

Please, for more information read the document: CERF South Angola - 1st sitrep.