“Inclusive growth is key to graduation of Angola” said Mar Dieye

Nov 19, 2015

Luanda, 19 November 2015. The UN high level mission met today with Secretary of State for the Cooperation Angela Bragança and two ministerial round tables, one at technical and the other at political level to discuss on the progress of the country in terms of sustainable development, setting the stage for the graduation from Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

“Inclusive growth is key to graduation from Least Developed Countries” said today Mar Dieye, Assistant Secretary General and Head UNDP Africa in high level meetings with officials of the Angolan Government. In the frame of the visit that Dieye is carrying out in Angola on invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN official repeatedly stressed that the graduation process that will undertake Angola starting this December is a huge opportunity to improve diversification of the economy and human development.  ‘The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recently approved at the UN General Assembly in New York are a powerful tool to achieve graduation of Angola and boost its economic and social development’ continued Dieye.

“The UN at large and UNDP, all partners are going to assist Angola in this process: we are part of your team” – reassured Dieye to the officials of the Angolan executive.

Bilateral meeting were also held with the Minister of Environment Fatima Jardim and the Secretary of State of Mining.  “In the triangle of sustainable development, environment development is the hypotenuse – stated the UNDP Director Africa with Minister Jardim – were economics and social development are the other two sides”.

Angola is leading the LCDs in the COP21 of Paris where the Angola delegation is preparing his position to address the global challenge of the climate change.