Supporting the entrepreneurship in Angola

visit of the Business Incubator Angola
Company supported by Business Incubator

For its design, it resulted from a partnership between the INEFOP / MAPESS, Chevron and UNDP, consisting of the components of the Angolan Enterprise Programme (AEP).

This institution is one of the modes of materialization policies and active labor market measures, target for young people coming from the Vocational Training Centers of MAPESS, intermediate institutes and universities with entrepreneurial and innovative ideas.

The IEMP (Business Incubator) embodied in an environment that provides to developers a set of services and facilities that provide:


  • IEMP have trained 5.300 entrepreneurs work in various areas of economic activities.
  • 22 IEMP small business have created 140 jobs.
  • Mrs. Matilde, when he joined to the Assomel, was a seller of money (Kinguila), benefited from various trainings, exchange of experience.

Support the creation and development of micro and small enterprises;

Training of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to enable their performance in new market segments, thereby encouraging local potential for creating new products or services;

The formalization of income generating activities, gradually bringing them to the formal sector of the economy, providing, of course, the creation of jobs;

The spread of the culture of entrepreneurship at the community level, through capacity building activities / business awareness.

Overall the IEMP has trained a universe of 5,300 entrepreneurs in various areas of economic activity. They are the panels attached IEMP 22 (twenty two) small businesses that have enabled the creation of 140 jobs.

Another beneficiary of Entrepreneurs Women of Angola (FMEA). It was created on 23 November 2001 and brought together all the national associations of women entrepreneurs.

The FMEA arises from the need to create an organization capable of promoting dialogue between the various entities in economic activity, and be the spokesman of the association of women entrepreneurs alongside with state institutions, in search of partnership between the public and private in order to contribute to the development of the country.

Participate actively in the resolution of all issues related to women in the economic sphere acting locally, regionally and internationally in all initiatives that promote economic and social development. Women to gather together in a spirit of mutual and exchange experiences, share ideas and work for the development of a class of powerful businesswomen.

Mrs. Matilde, when he joined to the Assomel, was a seller of money (Kinguila), benefited from various trainings, exchange of experience and sharing ideas with other associates and today is a successful businesswoman, has a distribution warehouse beverage and food products and employs more than ten people.