Growing Sustainable Business (GSB)

What is the project about

  Members of the CODESPA cooperative pose a banner for a workshop on capacities building on coffee cultivation in the province of Kwanza Sul - Credit: Anastacio Gonçalves/UNDP

The Growing Sustainable Business (GSB) is a poverty reduction initiative developed by the UNDP's private sector and supported by the Spanish Development Agency - AECID in close partnership with the Angola Government´s key related Ministries, Financial Institutions, Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations. The project focus on the pro-poor sector, market-placing entrepreneurs to a firm growth of partnerships with the public and private sectors. GSB will improve investment strategy for both poor and industry. The approach will encourage market access to farmers, producers and sectors players to take a stand in addressing product value chain for agriculture, agro/processing, water resources, tourism and construction.

The Overall goals of this project are to:

·   facilitate linkage between large businesses, potential investors and local partners;

·   strengthen and expand local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector;

·   secure opportunities to income generation;

·   facilitate the development of new products and services that address the poor´s need.;

·   and create favorable conditions for businesses ideas and implementation.

What have we accomplished so far

·         Identification development and support to viable, pro-poor, GSB-like value chain projects: a) Number of socio-economic studies and impact of value chain projects;b) Links between micro-business, local MSME and larger companies as well as employment in the sector; and c)Expansion of affordable products and services available to the poor.

·         Increase awareness and liability among local companies on the role of private sector in development: a) Complete value chain studies and matching business plans; b) Support the Government in preparing and implement directory plans as well as strategies; c) Increase and bring awareness to companies and potential partners about global business global in Angola.

·         Improve national capacity to promote GSB-like initiatives : a) Enhance partnership between government, business partners and NGOs to work with potential donors;b) Expand, nation-wide, the GSB initiative in order to replicate lessons learnt through communication and propaganda focusing a sustainable approach and well directed duplication of efforts; c) Create job opportunities through the growth of MSME sector, access to more, new and less expensive products and services.

Who Finances it?

Donor name Amount contributed per year
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 499,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $ 265,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 1,796,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $    223,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 2,900,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $ 1,116,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor name Amount contributed per year
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) – 10216 $ 138,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) – 11702 $   90,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) – 10216 $ 981,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) – 11702 $ 106,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) – 10216 $ 1,921,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) – 11702 $    411,000
UNDP (TRACK) $ 2,180,000
UNDP (TRACK) $ 3,113,031