Angola Enterprise Programme

What is the project about

 FMEA Business women - credit: Felicien Mambulu/UNDP

Angola Enterprise Programme is a Public-Private Partnership that seeks the cooperation and support of various organizations from the Government, donors, the private sector, academia, NGOs and civil society organizations to promote a vibrant Angolan private enterprise sector.

The overall objective of this project is to create a robust and dynamic micro, small and medium enterprise sector, thus contributing to poverty reduction through generation of employment and raising the incomes of the people. This goal will be achieved by creating an enabling environment for businesses to flourish and grow in Angola and in building the capacity of local institutions in providing quality and continuous microfinance and other business support services to local entrepreneurs.

What have we accomplished so far

1.New models of Business Development Service (BDS) service centers established to include:

  • A business incubator that will provide a common facility and continuous business counseling services and training to in-house and external client-entrepreneurs;
  • 25 Business Development Service (BDS) Providers capacity have been strengthened to be able to provide quality BDS to entrepreneurs on a commercial basis;
  • Small Business Resource Center to serve as a one-stop-shop for business information.

2.Promotion of microfinance through:

  • Strengthened capacity of 3 microfinance institutions to be able to provide  sustainable microfinance services to a growing number of poor and disadvantaged people (target client outreach over 30,000);
  • Supported the Government in the process of drafting a Microfinance Policy.

3.Creating an enabling business environment through:

Studies/researches conducted and forums/public debates organized  to foster greater understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities of the private sector and in aid for the formulation of policy, programme or projects and other interventions to stimulate the development of an inclusive private sector development in Angola, where micro and small entrepreneurs will actively participate and benefit from it.

Who finances it

Donor Name                                       Amount Contribution per year
UNDP $ 346,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 346,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $ 351,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 894,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 369,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $ 133,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor Name Amount contributed per year
UNDP $ 254,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 325,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $ 209,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 411,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 10216 $ 524,000
Spanish Cooperation (AECID) - 11072 $   89,000