Promoting climate-resilient development and enhanced adaptive capacity to withstand disaster risks in Angolan’s Cuvelai River Basin

What is the project about?

undp_ao_Cuvelai 2OCHA mission to develop SOP´s for Cunene Province together with Civil Protection and Provincial Government. Credit: Veronica Molina/UNDP Angola

For Angola’s region of the Province of Cunene this project will help to improve the management of these climate-related hazards through:

 Enhancing the capacity of hydro-meteorological services and networks to predict climatic events and associated risks;

 Developing a more effective and targeted delivery of climate information including flood and drought forecast early warnings;

 Building skilled human resources to guarantee long-term sustainability of hydro-meteorological services and the Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System;

 Supporting improved and timely responses to forecasted climate-related risks by strengthening the capacity of the Civil Protection Services; and

 Strengthening the technical capacity of the agriculture extension services to increase resilience of smallholder farmer communities in the Basin.

The Overall goals of this project are to:

undp_ao_CuvelaiFuntional Simulation at Provincial Level (February 2017) of the news. Credit: Veronica Molina/UNDP Angola

To promote the development of the Province of Cunene’s capacity to adapt to climate-related hazards is therefore an urgent priority to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and address the region’s socio-economic and developmental challenges effectively.

What have we accomplished so far

*Project coordination team in place (National coordinator is located in Ondjiva, Cunene) with and administration person. In Luanda, are based one project assistant, one admin assistant, one technical advisor and one driver. Workplan reviewed and signed by MINAMB and UNDP, implementations is taken place very slowly. After last technical meeting in Ondjiva, the stakeholders divided into the three main components of the project (EWS, creating resilience to affected communities and strength capacity building for local and national government institutions). These groups are working to get a proposal that will be discussed in the next steering committee, after what important decisions will allow the continuation of the project.

Also with the support of OCHA and the collaboration of the UNDP Project “Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building”: The Cunene Civil Protection as well as the different sectors of the Provincial Government performed a functional simulation in order to be ready for emergencies (due to flooding). 


Who Finances it?

4 Year Project

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