Expansion and Strengthening of Angola’s Protected Area system

What is the project about?

undp_ao_Expans _and Strengthen_of Angola’s Protected Area system_2017Workshop with local stakeholders in Quiçama National Park. Credit: Miguel Xavier/INBAC

The Project has been designed as the second phase of a more comprehensive national programme to rehabilitate, strengthen and expand Angola’s system of protected areas. This GEF-funded project will seek to complement the first phase by (i) strengthening the capacity of the government of Angola to expand its network of protected areas, in order to meet the national expansion targets; and (ii) continuing the rehabilitation of Angola’s existing national parks, by improving the management effectiveness of Quicama, Bicuar and Cangandala NPs. 

The Overall goals of this project are to:

undp_ao_Quiçama1Workshop with local stakeholders in Bicuar National Park. Credit: Miguel Xavier/INBAC.

The project’s goal is to establish and effectively manage a network of protected areas to conserve representative samples of Angola’s globally unique biodiversity by:

-          Strengthening the legal, planning, policy, institutional and financial frameworks for protected area expansion.

-          Rehabilitating three existing National Parks (Cangandala, Bicuar and Quiçama) and improving their management. 

What have we accomplished so far

The project is in its initial phase. The local stakeholders from the National Parks of Quiçama, Bicuar and Cangandala are being contacted to give their contribution to the project.

Who Finances it?

Total resources allocated to UNDP

$ 6,300,000

Regular (UNDP TRAC)

$ 500,000