Addressing urgent Coastal Adaptation needs and capacity gaps in Angola

What is the project about?

undp_ao_projectinception_Addressing urgent Coastal Adaptation needs and capacity gaps in AngolaWorkshop of Project Inception Credit: UNDP Angola

This is a Least Developed Country Fund (LDCF) project that will be implemented by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and UNDP Angola.

Angola´s coastline is home for more than 50% of the country´s populations, where socioeconomic and environmental challenges arise due to lack of urban planning and the rapid population growth. These challenges include inadequate access to water and electricity, poor sanitation, natural disasters such as droughts and flooding, degradation of Angola´s coastal ecosystems and increased temperatures, that decrease the income from livelihoods: agriculture and fishing for subsisting and employment.

This project will help to improve the management of these climate-related hazards through:

1-     Climate resilient practices such as Ecosystem based adaptation (EbA) and climate resilient land management (including promotion of agricultural, waste management and sustainable livelihoods under climate change);

2-     Establishment of a pilot Early Warning System (EWS).

3-     Enhanced scientific and technical capacity for adaptation in coastal zone areas.

4-     Local demonstrations and capacity building interventions on ecosystems rehabilitation and adaptation measures in coastal areas.

Enhanced institutional coordination and capacity for proactive adaptation in Angola

The Overall goals of this project are to:

To increase the resilience of Angola´s vulnerable coastal communities and economic sectors, including fisheries, agriculture, transport, energy, water and tourism, to the negative effects of Climate Change (Chiloango, Barra do Dande, Longa and Bero).

What have we accomplished so far?

*The Inception Workshop was hold on March 28th, in Luanda by the Environment Ministry of Angola and UNEP (who will implement components 1 & 2). UNDP will implement component 3.

The Environment Ministry will establish the coordination team, and UNEP will promote more meetings to go on with this project.

Who Finances it?


4 Year Project (Sturted on 2017)

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