Support to the Enhancement of Human Rights Framework in Angola

What is the project about?

This project was initiated in 2012 for a period of two years. It focused strongly on institutional capacity building. The project continues now to exit under the Country Program Document and the Country Program Action Plan 2015-2019. Still, one of its fundamental goals is to strengthen Angola’s national institutions for the promotion of human rights. Currently, paramount finalities are to support the Angolan State in its effort to align its legislation with international Human Rights Agreements. Furthermore, the project puts considerable attention in strengthening Civil Society Organization’s expertise in dialoguing with governmental institutions in order to better monitor the implementation of international Human Rights. For that sake, the UNDP has engaged closely with the State Secretary for Human Right at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations.

The main outcome of the project is: By 2019. National institutions are strengthened for the promotion of human rights, ensuring knowledge of and access to justice by all citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

What have we accomplished so far?

The project “Support to the Enhancement of Human Rights Framework in Angola” contributes to the capacity building by means of a solid partnership between the government, civil society and the UNDP. United Nations supports Angola Human’s Rights providing technical advice to domestic institutions. It does not only support the work of those institutions at the central level, but it cooperates in building up the Provincial Committees for Human Rights. The project is also responsible for bringing together representatives of all branches of power to discuss issues such as the ratification of Human Rights agreements. It also offers training opportunities in the South-South cooperation framework. Furthermore, it promotes the participation of Civil Society in deliberative processes through seminars and workshops.

Who finances it?


UNDP: 250.000,00