Climate, Risk and Resilience

  • Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building

    Building upon the established strategic partnership between CNPC and UNDP, the project addresses three urgent priorities of the government in decentralized contingency planning, disaster and risk information management, and institutional strengthening from January 2015 to December 2017.

  • Preparedness for Resilient Recovery

    This project assists the National Civil Protection Commission (CNPC) in initiating a process for developing a resilient recovery framework, while providing support to the implementation of Pilot Strategies for Building Resilience in drought-affected southern provinces.

  • Preparatory Assistance to Disaster Risk Reduction

    This project will support the design and development of a broader UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction programme to improve the country’s implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action, particularly in enhancing the capacity to prepare for and respond to natural hazards.

  • Support to National Intersectoral Commission for Humanitarian Demining and Assistance (CNIDAH)

    The overall objective of the project is the strengthening of the capacity of the government of Angola to assure the security and access of the population to mine-infested areas, and to facilitate the electoral process.

  • Capacity Development of National Institute for Demining (INAD)

    This project assists INAD to enhance its role as the national demining operator. The specific outcome of the project will be consolidated access and security for development efforts in Angola through developing the capacity of INAD.