Millennium Development Goals Report Summary: Angola 2005

18 May 2005

The 2005 MDG Progress Report is the second in a series of MDG reporting in Angola. The 2003 pub­lication provided baseline statistical information for indicators and target tracking and revealed a weak statistical apparatus for monitoring MDGs, which has not improved greatly over the last few years.


The 2005 report has more features than the 2003 report. Besides the assessment on the progress of the MDGs, the report sets out the main challenges and policies to adopt, as well as priorities for Angola so that by 2015 most of the MDGs are achieved.


The report suggests where to apply effort in policy formulation, program implementation or resource mo­bilization, or a combination of all three factors.


It also reinforces the need to strengthen policies in all the MDG areas and ensure the convergence of sectoral policies.


Overall, the report provides an indication of the probability of meeting the agreed goals by the 2015 deadline.