Okavango River Basin Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis: Socio-Economic Assessment - Final Report

15 Sep 2009

This document reports on the socio-economic assessment for the transboundary diagnostic assessment (TDA) of the Okavango River Basin. It forms one of the key supporting documents for the TDA. The tasks of the socio-economic assessment team may be described as the following:


• Delineate socio economic areas within the basin that are homogeneous in terms of livelihoods, household income and economic activity: Integrated Units of Analysis (IUAs),


• Describe the basin in terms of its demographic, cultural, health, and economic characteristics, in particular assessing the current link between river resources and HIV/AIDS,


• Assess livelihoods reliance on river and associated resources for household income for each IUA within the basin,


• Assess the economic value and economic impact of all river-related natural resource use for each IUA in the basin and its importance in terms of poverty alleviation, and development,


• Assess the impact of three examples of water use development scenarios, selected by OKACOM, on the livelihoods and economic wellbeing in the basin and its countries.