Survey on the Context of Land Management in Huambo (Portuguese version)

31 Aug 2013

The management team of the ELISA Project (Energy and Livelihoods Solutions in Angola) of the UNDP requested to the ADRA, a study on the activity related to land management, collaborating with institutions and organizations involved in matter in the province of Huambo.


The issue of land use planning, and especially the approach of its sustainable use, was not subject domain and current application at the level of the main institutions related to land use. It was therefore imperative to obtain a correct perception of the extent to which the issue of sustainable land use was being considered locally to be that way more focused lines of action for the project.

This document provides an assessment of sustainable land management in the province of Huambo, the level of the relevant institutions connected approach to this matter. Through research and investigation sought to obtain updated information on existing knowledge and action towards the conservation of environmental resources, including soil, water and forests.


Thus constitutes an important contribution to identify the main lines that should guide the planning of project implementation. It is also an exercise that aims to contribute to actions such as gender, where intending to pursue similar initiatives intervention. The planning should be based on knowledge of the prevailing reality in place, so that the planned actions are consistent with the stated objectives and adjusted to the most relevant constraints.