Rapid Rapid Assessment and Gap Analysis | ANGOLA

2015 24 Mar 2016 88 pages

The “Rapid Assessment and Gap Analysis” Report presents Angola’s contribution to the global initiative to achieve “Sustainable Energy for All” (SE4ALL) by the year 2030. The objective is to ensure universal access to modern energy services, duplicate the rate of improvements in energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

The Government of Angola, through the Ministry of Energy and Waters, requested technical support from the SE4All Africa Hub in order to implement this initiative. UNDP, as a member of the SE4All Africa Hub, facilitated the process and contributed in close collaboration with the Ministry in carrying out a rapid assessment and gap analysis in the energy sector. The study represents the first step towards the implementation of the initiative and also should be used as a reference document.

The study included a situation analysis and established the baseline data on sustainable energy production, distribution and utilization, and also covered a rapid assessment of national initiatives on three majors issues as follows:  (1) universal access to electricity; clean fuels and devices for cooking/heating; (2) improvements in energy efficiency; and (3) increasing the share of renewable energy in the national energy mix; and an analysis of sector strengths and weaknesses in specific areas such as politics, planning, institutions, finance, monitoring (data and accountability), capacity and partnerships.