A preliminary atlas and profile of Huambo

10 Dec 2012

This preliminary atlas and profile of Huambo presents a digest of information about the province. The booklet is aimed at a general readership, with the particular intention that decision-makers and other people who influence the management of Huambo and its resources will be better informed about their area of responsibility.


It is also hoped that this volume will provide a foundation upon which more information will be added in the future. Inconsistencies or inaccuracies should be corrected, and updated information incorporated when it becomes available.


Huambo is more or less at the centre of Angola, and covers much of the topographic zone known as the planalto, literally the highlands of Angola. All of the province lies above 1,300 metres above sea level, and much of it is at altitudes greater than 1,700 metres. It is from the planalto that many of the major rivers of Angola flow because rainfall is higher than in most other areas of the country Huambo.